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Before joining the faculty of KIPP Houston High School (KHHS), Travis taught ancient and medieval history at a classical private school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prior to that he was director of Christian education at a Presbyterian church in Downers Grove, IL, not far from his alma mater, Wheaton College (where he majored in philosophy (for undergrad) and earned his graduate degree in systematic theology.In addition to writing and overseeing the instruction of his curricula, Travis was selected by the KIPP Foundation to join an elite group of educators, the Hedgehog Team, which wrote full-length ACT practice tests and created teacher instruction videos used nationally by the KIPP network of schools.

He’s the author of the essay “Can Learning Science Help Close Learning Gaps?” and “The ACT and SAT don’t just measure learning. They drive it, too”


Our teaching and training come with years of practice, research, and innovation. To dive deeper into our experience, check out our publications below! 

- Can Learning Science Help Close Covid Learning Gaps? Published by Teach Better.

- Please see Dr. Barbara Oakley's endorsement :

- The ACT and SAT don’t just measure learning. They drive it, too. Published by the Fordham Institute.

- The above article was republished by the College Drive network

- And by the ACT (See "Articles and Op-Eds)


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